Sales Conditions

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Placement of Orders

The preparation of an order is based on the acceptance of the General FMT Sales Conditions and the express confirmation of the latter by the customer.

All orders must include the necessary data to clearly define the tool to be delivered, and the customer shall be responsible for supplying all elements (drawings, samples and other). These elements will be kept by FMT for a period of six months and shall only be returned to the customer when requested in writing.

The cancellation or alteration of the order by the customer requires the express consent and permission of FMT, and all costs shall be borne by the customer.

Delivery and Return Time

The order delivery times are not binding but merely indicative, and therefore does not confer the right, due to any delays, to penalties or cancellation of the order.

FMT does not accept the return of special tools. Any other return requires the prior written permission of FMT and it shall not be responsible thereof. The company shall have the right to pass on to the customer 5% of the value of the return, deemed to be handling costs.


The goods sent by FMT are transported at the customer’s expense and risk, even with postage paid at origin.

Insurance to cover any loss for damage or loss suffered during shipment will only be applied upon the written request of the customer, who will be liable for the costs thereof.


The prices shown in the tables and budgets are free of taxes and fees, and only reflect the value of the product in storage.

The amounts stated in the invoice represent the applicable prices as at the date of the issue thereof.

The prices for the special tools must be stated and confirmed in the order.

Reservation of Ownership

Until full payment is made of the tools supplied, FMT reserves the right of ownership over the same.


FMT, as a certified company, warrants the quality of the tools it produces and supplies.

Defects, however, arising from the incorrect use and/or normal wear of the tool are not covered by the warranty. The warranty only covers the replacement or repair costs of the tool when it is recognized by FMT as being defective.

Complaints must be lodged in writing and duly substantiated in order to be taken into consideration.


The tools for woodworking and plastic are considered dangerous tools because of their cutting angles which are usually positive, their very sharp cutting edges and high working speed. Therefore, they require a secure and reliable construction, to reduce the risks to the user. FMT tools are designed and produced in accordance with European Standard EN 847 1-3 with respect to safety, design and quality requirements.

General Information

FMT reserves the copyright over all documents, whether images, sketches, samples or otherwise, and does not consent to their change or disclosure to third parties without its prior express consent, given in writing.

FMT is entitled to make any technological and graphic changes without prior notice.

The place for fulfilment of the contract concluded with the customer shall be the registered office of FMT in Trofa, in Portugal.

It is expressly established that the Forum for the District of Santo Tirso shall have jurisdiction to determine any disputes arising from it, to the exclusion of all others.