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FREZITE, a history of soundness and innovation

Working for the highly competitive professional and industrial segments, Frezite has achieved its growth in sound, sustainable fashion since its foundation in 1978. The company started its activity with the production of high-precision tools for the wood, plastics, composite materials and metals transformation industries and sectors.
The opportunities generated by the surge of the automobile and aerospace sectors have led to the automation of the Metal Division and the creation of the FMT – Tooling Systems brand.
With head offices based in Portugal and strongly geared towards internationalisation, the Frezite Group already has a consolidated branch network. Developing engineering solutions for different markets, Frezite has been extending its field of action to new operating areas.
The commitment to innovation and excellence means that the Frezite Group and its products and technology can currently be found in over 50 countries spread around five continents.

Frezite Group